Music can put you into your greatest feelings and take you out of your darkest feelings.
My music does both. It's a universal language that unites all color, age, religion and walks of life.



at a young age i began playing piano to express feelings I didn't know how to put into words.

The first time I went to a rave, I felt a connection to music and a sense of belonging to a community unlike any other type of show I'd been to before. As a dancer, I knew at that moment I wanted to make music. Music that made people dance and feel as alive as I did in that moment.

My music recording journey started when I found myself in a bathroom stall on New Year's Eve at a rave reminiscing over the challenges I had faced that year. I told myself the worst was behind me and the best was yet to come as I returned to the crowd. A few minutes later, an opportunity opened up to jump on the stage. I took the side there wasn't a gogo dancer. I had gogo danced a lot before but this night was special, this night was different. I became the music and performed my best dance set ever.

When I came off the stage, I was approached by a producer scouting fresh talent. He asked me if I made music.

"How did you know" turned into recording our first song and I set the goal of singing on the radio and performing at my own shows.

Piano | Dance | Vocals 



My mission is for my frequency to create a mood, my vibe to announce my arrival and my music to express feelings we dont talk about but we've all felt.
I don't just make the music, I become the music. When I share my energy and my heart, you do too.
From here we become electricity lighting up everyone in the room.
I believe in peace, love, unity and respect. If you see someone fall, lift them up. If you see someone who needs water, share your cup. Most importantly, if you want a friend, be a friend.


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